Do you build custom fences?
Yes, every wooden fence that Affordable Fence builds is built specifically to your yards measurements. Every aluminum and vinyl fence is ordered specially to your yards measurements. Every Chain Link fence we build is ordered according to your specific needs, even your gate is installed graded to your ground measurements.

Do you warranty your work?
Yes, all of our fences come with a  5 year workmanship warranty, with A 2 year workmanship warranty your gates, as well as all manufacturer warranties that apply to your specific fence.You will find our Warranty proudly beats most companies in Georgia!

How should I prepare my property for our new fence?
The most important thing you need to know for the installation of your new fence is where your property, or boundary lines, are located.This will prevent a future problem from arising when you or your neighbors sell your homes.This also prevents any disputes from your present neighbors regarding your fence location in relation to their yard.
You can find out this info a few different ways. You can contact the bank you have your mortgage through, you can contact your Homeowners association if you have one, or you can call a survey company to come and mark your property lines for you.

Do I have to have my property marked for pipes and wires that be running under where my fence may go?
Yes, but Affordable Fence Of Georgia provides this service for you free of charge. We contact  a center that sends people to mark your property with either paint or flags in accordance with where your utilities run underground.You do not have to be at home when they come.